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What can we do for you?

The Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL), Jabalpur (M.P), India is an institute which does not have any competitor at the state level. It came into existence in 2001 and its aim was to bring about a qualitative change in the standard of English teaching method in India. To achieve this aim, the institute devised various programs in the areas of research, development and training .

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Benefits speak your language

In this present era of liberalization and globalization, learning of foreign languages is an additional boost to an individual who would like to develop his career and move forward in life. The courses of foreign languages taught in IFL help in improving the proficiency of individuals by imparting detailed knowledge to them on grammar and structure of the language. Once these individuals are trained in one or more foreign languages they are ready for job opportunities in diverse fields.

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1.    Special attention is given to regular attendance and punctuality in order to ensure a high standard of discipline and good conduct in the institute.


2.    All students are subject to the discipline and control of the institute and are expected to observe the rules and regulations that may be enforced time to time.


3.    Any student found adopting unfair means or acting against the conduct of the institute should be debarred from completing the course.


4.    Mobile phones should be switched off in the class in order to avoid disturbance.




5.    Fee once charged is not refundable.


6.    Fee should be paid either in full or in two installments.


       I.     First installment at the time of registration

      II.     Second installment in the first week of the next month.


7.    The fee can either be paid in cash or by cheque payable to ‘The Institute of Foreign Languages’.




8.    Students should be careful about their personal belongings. The institute takes no responsibility in the matter. Students are advised not to bring large sum of money, jewellery or other valuables to the institute.


9.    The institute shall not take any responsibility for any injury sustained by a student though all precaution shall be taken to avoid accident.


10. Certificate and Diplomas are awarded after the completion of courses.